[1.0.0-1.1.6] Consolidated Patch Notes

[1.0.0-1.1.6] Consolidated Patch Notes

Since moving to Discourse, we have decided to consolidate all the old patch notes, here are the complete changes from 1.0.0 to 1.6.0

64bit Neocron!

Starting in patch 1.1.0 we will introduce 64bit Neocron. We will be discontinuing support for 32bit and also no longer officially supporting Windows 7. The decision was made based on the EOL of Windows 7 approaching, and the need for a 64bit operating system to run Neocron now. We continue to support Windows 8.1 - 10 and are unofficially supporting Wine on Linux and macOS. 64bit Neocron will allow us to improve the game more with faster load times, better asset security, and a whole lot of memory to play with.

Resist Updates

  • Armor to damage reduction curve replaced
    Formula the minimum of 0.8 or the arctangent of ((([Armor Value]/120) * 2.5) / (PI/2))
    Example: 80 resist fire = arctangent((80/120) * 2.5) / 1.57) = 65.62% Damage Reduction
    The new curve will supply more damage reduction than the old system as well as provide more at lower levels.
    Mob resistance armor has been converted to this new system, retaining what their resistances were previously.

  • Resistance displayed on an items details now match armor provided to the damage reduction calculation.

  • Resist Force strength skill was previously also applied to Resist Piercing at a 1:1 ratio, It now applies at a 1:0.8 ratio.

  • Armor is now specific to a hit zone (Head, Chest, Legs)

  • Damage to player’s hit zone now uses armor for that specific hit zone.

  • Resistance provided by Subskills, Implants, Bone Implants, Belts and Power Armor apply to all hit zones.

  • Resistance provided by:
    Helmets add armor to Head Zone
    Non Power Armor Chests add armor to Chest zone
    Legs and Boots add armor to Legs zone

  • The Armor RPOS window has been updated. It will now show Armor by zone. Shows Armor Item specific increases as well as total resistances. Will show corresponding damage reduction.

  • PA Slot has been added again to help balance out the resist changes.

GitHub Issues Fixed

Content Changes

  • Cleaned up some world actor and decoration issues in various zones throughout the game world.
  • Updated some spawn points in regards to facing directions for some CopBots.
  • [J 04 / Battle Dome ] Redesigned the vendor area and fixed the floating GoGuardian.
  • [Outzone Station] GuGuardians are now firmly attached to the wall.
  • [Plaza SEC-4] Added Tools Equipment vendor.
  • [J 04 / Battle Dome ] Placed correct vendors here.
  • Fixed some grammatical errors in the mission texts.
  • [Nailguns] Fixed Shot/Reload Sounds.
  • Hyperion upscaled and fixed some more decals. Hyperion is Awesome.
  • Fixed Weapon sounds to match their NC1 models.
  • Updated lots of Plaza 1, like holy crap [Atlas + Lykos]
  • Fixed all zone lines in city so that lighting doesn’t get stupid bright and dark on zone [Atlas + Lykos]
  • Updated Military Base [Atlas, Hyperion and Lykos]
  • Enabled the Test Server Vendors in Plaza 1. WE WILL NOT BE ADDING EXPERIENCE BOOSTING LOMS OR MONEY MAN YET. DO NOT ASK. [Lykos]
  • Fixed Military Base High Tech Ammo vendor sitting inside a box. [Gnisha]
  • Plaza 1 - ASG - Fixed Plants as Benches (GitHub #342) [Gnisha]
  • Aggressor Quickkill missions are being listed as “normal” missions, when they should be “hard”. This keeps it in line with other mobs of that rank. (GitHub Issue #303) [Gnisha]
  • NEXT Epic: Updated the location of the BioTech Director of Operations. [Gnisha]
  • Fixed Runner Search Window (GitHub #340) [Gnisha]
  • Fixed Outpost Window [Gnisha]
  • Fixed the NPC who got away from MC5 and took up refuge in I-09 (https://github.com/NCC-Lykos/neocron-classic/issues/351)
  • Fixed lighting issue in Plaza 1 that made it really really really dark
  • Fixed some lighting and decals in Pepper 1

Core Changes

  • Upgraded NC to x64. We have discontinued 32bit support.
  • Fixed mission system
  • Fixed missions displaying duplicates of the same mission
  • Fixed memory display
  • Smoothed out performance
  • Added some extra logging to find a few other crashes
  • Fixed the way armor is calculated in resists [Therenall]
  • Fixed issue with characters not being able to login to server [Therenall]
  • Fixed issue with skill points and skill levels not resetting after removing PA and Implants [Therenall]
  • Fixed issue with not being able to use items after dying and being resurrected by a player [Therenall]
  • Fixed instability issues with server (The random crashes) [Therenall]
  • Fixed issue with outpost security settings [Therenall]
  • Fixed SL Bug in missions, (https://github.com/NCC-Lykos/neocron-classic/issues/227 & https://github.com/NCC-Lykos/neocron-classic/issues/328)
  • Fixed GR Window bugs
  • Fixed outpost security bug (https://github.com/NCC-Lykos/neocron-classic/issues/354)
  • Fixed the progress bar flashing negative in the process window on short builds
  • Fixed effects not carrying across zonelines (https://github.com/NCC-Lykos/neocron-classic/issues/338)
  • Fixed bug with ammo types not changing properly when switching ammo in weapons.

ulx posted on the original message boards…

The system has always been there but was broken. It was meant to apply armor to sections and not to others. We have fixed this system in the code and will be improving balance of armor soon. We are looking at adding all kinds of new armors to help balance things out.

This is a great question! We had posted the pre change curve, and post change curve on the Discord but that may have been missed.

The blue is original, the orange is what we’ve changed it to. As you can see the original was…odd…very very odd. We have been making small adjustments and testing multiple setups. We want people to still have the ability to have a great custom setup so this is NOT the final product of this. We just saw the awful curve and made a more sane one. It is touching on balancing but it is really needed to help improve gameplay and being able to troubleshoot damage issues.

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“Starting in patch 1.1.0 we will introduce 64bit Neocron. We will be discontinuing support for 32bit and also no longer officially supporting Windows 7. The decision was made based on the EOL of Windows 7 approaching, and the need for a 64bit operating system to run Neocron now. We continue to support Windows 8.1 - 10 and are unofficially supporting Wine on Linux and macOS.”

This “64 bit revolution” patch made the launcher broken in Windows 7, fair enough. But could someone please shed some light on how to make it work on Linux…? It is just as broken on Wine/Linux as Windows 7 for me, it just won’t patch and install anymore.

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Neocron Classic itself will run on Linux. However, the game must be installed and patched through Windows.

So the unofficial support for Wine on Linux and macOS is that we will tell you what we know, what our experiences is and move along with our development.

So far this is what I know about the Wine situation…

Our launcher uses a special patching system written by us. For some reason in Wine it just craps the bed with no error. It is looking like a memory issue, but we haven’t been able to isolate the issue because there is no solid error that specifically says “This is caused by X”. It is just that Y has failed and that is all we know.

I don’t know what is wrong with the launcher and Windows 7? Can you submit a ticket to our support system (Its fixed now…hipster garbage…) https://support.neocron.org and I will take a look at what is going on. We have not had any other issues reported with using Windows 7, so this may be something unique to your system or an oversight somewhere on our end.

Ok. So if I understand this right, you are aware that the launcher is broken on Linux/Wine and for some reason is unable to patch/install the client.

But I am surprised to read that you are surprised that I am having problems running the launcher on Windows 7. So what you are trying to say is that as far as you know the launcher should still be working on (64bit) Windows 7, and that I am the only Windows 7 user who is experiencing the same broken launcher behaviour as on Linux/Wine?

I actually had two pc’s side by side on 64bit Windows 7, which was running Neocron Classic fine until this 64bit patch. Then the launcher failed to update the client on both, so if this is something unique to my system it’s not unique to one pc/system, but rather to all my Windows 7 systems.

There is possibly one thing unique to my Windows 7 systems vs. other people’s. I did not want the latest and greatest in Windows 7 “telemetry” (Microsoft spyware) and certainly did not want any forced upgrades to Windows 10, so long time ago I put Windows Update on 100% manual and I’ve been extremely selective when installing recent updates. Maybe the most recent launcher have some dependencies which requires one or more updates I have not done?

Now, I recently had to replace one of the computers running Windows 7, and the new one is running Linux. But I’m going to try updating the remaining Windows 7 system with absolutely everything available and try installing Neocron Classic again. If that still doesn’t work I’ll try the ticket in your support system.

*** UPDATE ***

After Windows Update and the latest Neocron Classic installer .exe downloaded, it installed and patched on the Windows 7 system, and filled that clients\retail directory with a working client!

I then transferred that client into the Linux system. Like you said, it’s actually running there as well. Although I notice a few things to investigate further, like missing music and to me it looks like exit to system happens in a somehow crashing fashion rather than a clean exit.

Thanks a lot for the response and help!

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