[1.1.7-Test] RPOS Fixes and Zoning changes

1.1.7 Testing Patch

This is a test patch. We have included some RPOS fixes but the main test will be zoning speed.

Core Changes

  • WORLDMAP - Auto scale based on resolution for Factions, Cities and SEC
  • BUFF/DEBUFF - Added BUFF = x.x to rpos.scale options in settings.toml
  • Fixed On/Off heartbeat button scale (attached to STATUS rpos.scale option)
  • Com-Mode button now scales correctly (attached to BOTTOMBAR_VERTICAL rpos.scale option)
  • Information Window scales correctly (attached to MISCWINDOW rpos.scale option)
  • Right Click context menu window scales (attached to RCLICKMENU rpos.scale option)
  • Tool Tips scale (attached to TOOLTIP rpos.scale option)
  • Target box scale (attached to TARGETBOX rpos.scale option)

Special Changes / Notes

  • Increased speed of zoning.

woohoo, thanks guys!

Thanks chaps - can’t wait to try this out :smiley:

Looks good! Looking forward to giving it a bash when I return from Holiday!

So an update on this, we are still having an issue with random crashing on the server. The zone speed has increased but is not instant yet

Awesome goals :slight_smile:

My friends and I just started a few days ago after trying out Evo first. This is definitely superior.

Anyway, the game was super responsive until this latest patch. Not sure if it is related, but it seems much less responsive now and I have been dropping out more often. _

Where are you located? What are your system specs?

In California. have an i7, 16GB RAM, and Nvidia 1070gtx video card.

I just logged on and tried though and it seems good at the moment.

Do you mean dropping to the login screen? If so that is a server crash causing that. We have identified the cause of the crash and will have a solution as soon as we can.