[1.1.9] Lots of stability fixes

[1.1.9] - Stability!

This is mainly a stability patch, hopefully it will fix other issues that have come up too.

Content Changes

  • Fixed issues with Viarosso Subway
  • Fixed issues with lighting in Viarosso Sector 3

Core Changes

  • Fixed negative XP issue with Repair tool resulting in 0 Dex.
    • You cannot use the test glove to level. Because of the way the system works, it assumes you have the max skills in repair so
      you do not need to gain XP from using the tool. There was an issue causing a negative, and ultimately removing XP from the
  • Fixed issue with Salvage tool causing disconnects
  • Possible fix for characters that were broken and unable to login at all
    • The characters that were unable to be logged in never reproduced the problem in testing. We did however notice some issues
      that we fixed and overall they seem more stable now.
  • Fixed many issues with inventory syncing