[1.2.0] - PreRelease

[1.2.0] - PreRelease

It’s been a long time comin’
And the table’s turned around :wink:

This is the PreRelease testing for Neocron Classic. All testserver items have been removed, XP and Money gain set to normal values. We have left the fast Synaptic in place since it is pretty nice.


This is an incomplete list as we have a lot of things to include here. It will be updated over time with everything up to this point

  • Fixed GH Issue #394 Ingame Music Missing
    • ctrl_sfxvolume & ctrl_musicvolume now set to values from main menu.
  • Fixed GH Issue #364 [UI] Drop All Button Click Box not working proper
    • RPOS Button Location fixed.
  • Fixed GH Issue #350 Connection to Nethost lost after a few min.
  • Fixed GH Issue #336 Yagers Inn (TG Canyon) - not displayed correctly
    • Camera FOV selection algorithm refinement.
    • Tested: 2560x1080 (21x9), 3840x1080 (32x9), 5760x1080 (48x9)
  • Fixed GH Issue #265 RPOS Window Help Dialog bug
    • Forced addition of close window on all RPOS popup windows.
  • Fixed GH Issue #211 Vehicle Condition and Ammo not displayed
    • RPOS graphics for NC1 style RPOS added for Vehicle join window and Vehicle Status window
  • Fixed GH Issue #202 Right Click/Show Info in Sell Menu bug
    • Fixed RPOS bug with stackable items.
  • Fixed GH Issue #178 Hack interface not showing the needed hackpoints
    • Hack Terminal window rendering fixed.
  • Fixed GH Issue #175 Client crash after minimize
    • Fixed previously but borderless will not have WS_EX_TOPMOST anymore to make alt tabbing easier.
  • Fixed GH Issue #134 NPCs regenerating health after death
    • Health will not update on Dead NPCS.