Combat Missions Revamp/Additions

Currently, and in my opinion, combat missions are pretty tedious and unbalanced. Kill (5) of this or that and done - this or that being mostly small rats, aggressors, and some people like Cyclops. The rest of the available mobs don’t spawn as well or are too far away to make it worth it. I’m not sure what kind of infrastructure is available that would allow an increase in mission complexity, but I have a few ideas that may improve missions.

  1. Tiered missions:

Currently, as a player increases their reputation with a faction, they gain access to “harder” difficulty missions. As an addition to this, as reputation rises, players gain access to higher tiered missions. In his ideas case, tier would equate to number of enemies required to complete the mission and/or keep killing for linearly increased rewards. This will keep players out in the world while still being productive (gaining exp, money, and loot, and possibly increasing interaction with other players outside of city limits).

With this, more zones could be created to help “supply” mobs. Mutant towns, massive spider nests, plant infestations, dragonfly hives (yikes…), more dungeons like the Warbot or other tech factories, etc…

  1. Soullight:

Currently, players gain soullight for completing any city-com missions. Soullight is easy to recover - tedious and time consuming, but easy. This might not be an easy fix, but we can try to make it more interesting, gameplay and immersion-wise.
My idea: Remove SL gain from City faction missions. Introduce mission factions - NCPD for pro-city players, and Yager’s Inn for anti-city players. Completing missions for these factions award credits and Soullight (and perhaps faction rep, but this would need to be very minor to remain balanced). Tiered missions would have Soullight requirements and high tiered missions or EPIC missions could reward NCPD/Yager’s weapons and armor parts. Move current NCPD/TG flavored epic items to these new factions.

  1. NCPD/Yager’s Inn missions would consist of “Police action” flavored missions:
    -Hunting NPC criminals
    NPCs spawn that a player must locate and terminate.
    -Hostage situations
    Hostile NPCs and friendly NPCs spawn. Hostile NPCs start attacking the friendly ones (incorporate more/better mob in-fighting). player must save the friendly NPCs
    -Crime investigations
    Breadcrumb style missions that spawn world items to be found and clues to be followed
    -Evidence deliveries
    -VIP protection
    Waves of enemy spawns type missions
    -Inter-Faction conflict mediation
    Can be dialogue missions with possible added faction rep bonuses, or more nefarious “silence this person causing trouble” type missions

Missions like these could be used as a segway for story events or as a catalyst for inter-faction relationship changes