Game not launching

Hi guys I reinstalled Neocron classic some days ago but impossible to launch the game, I tried a file check but it changed nothing, when I click on GFX Option it doesn’t do anything at all either.

And I notice there’s a red dot right next to the server’s name Saturn, is the server online anyway ?!

Thanks in advance for any help, I’d really like to see how is the game now !!

Kalonji from Crahn

look at this :slight_smile:

okay thanks alot mate :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll wait for Neocron Classic playing Neocron Evolution xD
But I miss the good old NC1 :wink:

Yeah we’re working out an issue with the server move. Its proving to be not so simple… :expressionless: but should have it resolved soon. Thanks!

Too bad :confused: I don’t really like what they did with ppu’s onNeocron Evolution, their new armor stuff and balance is good but there are some things I find broken :sleepy:

I hope you’ll manage to get it work well soon!! Good luck and see you online as soon as possible :smiley:


We’re pumping away at it again :wink: