Greeting from a very old time returning player

Greets all:

I played Neocron when it first came out back in 2002. Life got in my way and I’ ve not played since likely 2010. I just purchased a new computer andI thought I’d give it a new try since I loved it way back in the day. Are any of the forums still alive? I posted as Trent back then. Can anyone tell me if I can run it on modern hardware? Is there a forum for returning old timers? Thanks!!!

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Hi, BlackIndigo.

I started in Beta 4, sometime in the latter half of 2002, and I remember the first year / 18 months of the game very fondly. That period of the game, before Neocron 2, is probably still my favorite MMO to date.

This version of the game is great. it’s Neocron with a lot of bug fixes, and I just wish more people knew about it. The halcyon days of 500 people on Saturn are gone for ever, but it would be great if there were a few runners online when I log in.

Not sure what’s going on with the server right now, but it seems to have been down the last couple of times I’ve tried to log in. Hopefully it’ll be back up again soon.

With luck I’ll see you in game one night.


Lykos dumped his coffee over the server or something happened don’t remember exactly :slight_smile: you should check the Discord for better info about this project.

Neocron Classic (

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