Is there anybody out there

I hope there is still some life here, the sheer amount of nostalgia I am experiencing from the few hours I logged into Classic Neocron really brought back memories. I am a very old player that started in beta and was part of he End Of Beta Clan. I came back for a bit with DOY but it was not the same.

Has there been any progress toward release? I know the Covid thing hit really hard and put the world on pause for a couple years :confused: Hopefully there has been some progress? Unfortunately, the forums seem a bit stale with nothing new for a long time.

P.S. I was reading other posts. Is the Tradeskill glove for poking still a thing?

There is more activity on Discord for sure. I can say that we’ve all been crazy busy now with the affairs of the world and needing to work twice as hard for the same amount of money…but that is politics and we’ll avoid that :smiley:

We have a test server up, but it is in need of some repair. We’re still spending money on the project but we need to find time.

So, you need more time? Hasn’t this project been cooking for over 6 or 7 years now?

It’s pretty clear this is more of a hobby for you, tweaking little bits, running a server, managing a website. But this whole thing has pushed away the handful of us who still want to play a ‘classic’ Neocron experience. I normally only drop by the forums once a month or so, but I felt I had to say something this time.

The answer is yes, there are people out there, but none of them are involved in this project. No one has the time or expertise to put into something that’s so technologically outdated. You defend the slow progress, Lykos, saying you need more people and time, but it’s pretty obvious these people are hard to come by, especially if they’re expected to work for free. I’m not having a go at you, you’re not wrong. But I do have a problem with this idea that this project will ever get ‘finished’ or draw in a crowd big enough to make gameplay worthwhile. Wouldn’t it be smarter to build a community ready to reimagine Neocron using newer tech (Unity, UE)? Yes this is a huge undertaking, but at least it has more than 0% chance of happening, unlike this, and at least there will be people willing to actually work on it (search Youtube).

As I said, I’m not criticizing you and I’m sorry if this comes across as harsh, but I think progress could be made differently to achieve the same end goal. Obviously, you do you as clearly you care enough to keep this thing going.