Issues installing

Hi there,

it seems like the launcher doesn’t work at the moment?
I’m getting a message saying that there was a connection issue talking to https_//cauldron_neocron_io/api/version/ncc/retail/latest/

Also, after installing the launcher and running the first update, the launcher is simply dead. It doesn’t download the game nor does it react to clicking start or any of the options.

Is that supposed to be?
I’m running a Macbook Pro 2012 with Win7 x64, all latest updates.

Thanks, looking forward to testing the game. Lots of good memories about it :slight_smile:

Hi, it looks like the server has some connection problems. Can not with any char. more on the server. Only display with Snychronizing.

Great, seems the issues are gone.

Off to the next road block:
it seems the client has trouble with my nvidia optimus GPU setup on my laptop.
On startup the client crashes saying “Set driver and mode failed”.

Googling showed that this might be related to nvidia optimus which my laptop does use (Win 7). I found a thread where Zoltan introduced a workaround which might help resolve this:

Any chance to include this fix here, too? Or is this irrelevant?

My Spec:
Macbook 2012 with nvidia GT650m, Win7 x64.