It is quiet around here...lets get some feedback!

We should have started off with these message boards instead of vBulletin…but oh well.


On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the worst, how are we doing with Neocron Classic?

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Yay we have a 10 rating! Woooo!

Excellent. Nice work, team!

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In recent gaming news, the Neocron Classic team has been rated by the commuity to be a smash hit! A 10/10!

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It seems to be really quite here xD :slight_smile:

Are we supposed to be able to vote?

And how do I get my forum name “fixed” :stuck_out_tongue:

Also not seeing a way to change my post text to blue…

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We voted for everybody. All handled.

You come sit on papi Lykos’s lap and whisper in his ear what you want your name to be

Normally, such a request would be met with “Too fucking bad” but I realize that you have literally never posted in anything BUT the color blue…so I will investigate this and get back to you with a solution.

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My vote is a 8.5 I like most of the new tweaks, some I am not liking mostly because there is no user population to support teaming yet its mostly a solo act right now.