Login server down or broken?

Hi, try to connect to the server. Unfortunately, it is not possible, always come back to the login.
Do not get any error message.
Server is displayed in client with green, was already on the server today.
With wrong login data - no error message comes, only back to the login.

I’m just getting “wrong password” for everything I enter, can’t even get thru to the server selection

Have you tried to change your password through the portal?

Spaces in your password can cause issues I guess…no idea WHY but I guess they can.

They’re apparently getting encoded as null-bytes sometimes and if the auth server expects classic null-terminated strings, they could end up truncated.
For example, the password ‘the dog and pony show’ gets sent as:

D2 99 19 F9 E1 B8 99 E4 D3 A8 8B 39 07 09 9E 94 A4 58 7D 19 D6 B8 97 D4 93 19 8D C9 73 B9 2B AA 9F 04 CA 79 19 39 85 19 0D DA

Which during validation then gets shifted to:

9D 09 91 0F 8E 0B 49 0E 8D 0A 98 03 90 00 49 09 8A 05 97 01 8D 0B 49 0D 99 01 98 0C 97 0B A2 0A 49 00 9C 07 91 03 98
01 A0 0D

Note the 00s in there.