Loving the new NCC

I have been a fan of NC for many years now (started Beta 4) and was even a GM back in early retail and up until a few days ago didn’t even know this existed! Sooo glad I found it - the textures graphics look amazing and I know you guys fund this from your back pockets, so hats off to you and please keep up the amazing work.

I have been playing NC Evolution for some time and always missed what NC used to be. So that combined with the updates makes me a happy guy :smiley:

More than happy to bug report as I play as well :slight_smile:



I love you. Stay awesome.

Same here played since the retail and had a friend who was a GM. Hope it gets popular again still the best MMORPG in my opinion. Thanks for keeping it going!

found the guy with the spawned 5 slots 120% all stats items xD

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I just duped all my stuff…

Uh I mean cough Have a productive day runners!