Message Board Registration Issues

We are currently experiencing an odd forum registration error. The error has been noted with the Forum Software Developer, however they are blaming Extensions in Chrome.

The known workaround is to use another browser, or a private window to register.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Hi there,
forum registration worked for me (as you can see) with firefox.
The new board looks great! I really like it :+1: :heart:

But I cannot sign-up for beta. I always get this error

Support is also not available (only leads to “403 Forbidden | nginx”).


We will look into that.

The support issue we are aware of as we are changing helpdesk softwares.

Welcome to the boards! :slight_smile:

I get the same error despite using firefox.

What is the solution?

There is a current issue creating Beta accounts. The registration error was for the message boards, I should have clarified that.

We will be fixing the portal soon. We’ve all been busy with other things today and have had no chance to fix the portal. I will be fixing it tomorrow.

sadly not so soon. my vacation is over now :cry:

:frowning: Sorry, we are working on the portal right now actually. Should be good to go in a few hours.

Edit: Fixed!

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yay nice work! thanks a lot

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hi, registration in the forum went, but for the game to register, unfortunately not.
Another browser already tried.

What error are you getting when you try and register a game account?

Whoops, looks like something went wrong. - Is the error message.

Yeah Same Problem … Firefox,Opera , ie ans android

We have fixed account creation.

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