Military Base Bunker

Love the new vendor layout, majorly dissapointed the bunker is bascally gone. What were you thinking, there are not enough people to level with and no there is no place semi-safe to level. this may end up a really short return, hope you can fix this issue soon.

The issue was that people were safe spotting there until they could go safe spot in El Farid and then safe spot MC5.

There are plenty of leveling spots all around Neocron, you don’t need to hide in a bunker. There happens to be another bunker not far from there that is still active and surrounded by Launchers. There isn’t a gogu or GR nearby, but that is just part of the experience.

There’s also a radio beacon with an insane amount of launchers that spawn near it, a bombed out red brick building with launchers, a hut with launchers close by… I can actually think of more but I’m sure three alternatives with equal or greater cover is enough.

Most games have much more heavy handed methods of stopping safe spotting, I think just removing an exploit and replacing it with temporary cover isn’t too painful.

i like the new bunker … no more afk leveling and its good to remove all the savespots … 0/2 shouldnt be able to kill launchers


new bunker is ugly. most i like how Things stuck in each other like wheels and stuff :slight_smile:

It’s a nice idea but if you have to level up solo due to lack of players it is very frustrating.

I think the steps of changing should be done in following sequence:

  • balancing of mob damage to a realistic level. includes a rank system that players get what they expect (like all other MMORPGs: players rank = mob rank + X)
  • fix the netcode acc. hit feedback and to avoid damage without attacks, attacks without damage, invisible dots, etc.
  • increase amount of players to have level teams in same range without the need of CR-exploits
  • and finally avoid safespotting

btw: I normally don’t like the leveling phase (mostly because of reasons above) and just want a new char getting quickly maxed for “endgame” (farming parts, PVP, do clan RP)