NCC PreRelease Phase 1

Whew! PreRelease time! Download the launcher and get ready!

Yeah we’re here, we’re back, we’re working on it and we’re pushing for release. There will be bugs, there will be issues, but we have a few weeks to find the bugs and hammer them out with the help of the community.

Lets get it!

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I am now fully converted into a linux user. I have had enough of proprietary spyware operating systems…

I tried to download the most recent installer, but sadly, it does not seem to install properly in Linux/Wine. My currently installed client now says “out of date” and the “old” installed launcher does not update anything anymore. Looks like it might be game over for me.

For a while back there, I actually had this ting going. Everything was working quite flawless, except for a strange crash when exiting the client. Now it seems you have made some changes to the launcher which is quite incompatible with current Linux/Wine. Quite sad really, as the original classic Neocron used to run even better under Linux than Windows. And so did the Neocron Evolution project, until I ditched it years ago to follow the NCC edition instead.

I wish you would make some effort to keep the launcher mclaunchy compatible with linux and wine. Or just make the most recent client downloadable without the hassle of having to figure out how to install and properly run that mclaunchy crap…

We have a CLI version of the launcher that is compatible with Linux. I’ll get some details and we will release something for Linux users.

So there’s hope after all then. I’m not afraid of CLI version, as long as it does the job.

Thank you, I’ll keep checking back and look for any something for linux users.

I’d like that too. .net 6 would even be natively supported by linux. Not sure about UI though.