New message boards!

We have moved the message boards and opted to not move the old topics.

We will individually move topics that were important or historic. We will also keep the old message boards up in a Read Only mode until we are satisfied all information has been moved that is needed.

The old message boards can be found at:

Reasons for moving to the new boards?

  • They’re new.
  • They aren’t PHP (Thank god…)
  • They support markup
  • They support freaking markup
  • They don’t have crappy bbcode
  • They are actively developed and not a giant pile of crap
  • Did I mention they support markup?

Anyway, we will be updating the theme over time, so make sure to check back often for updates!


Awesome Sauce!

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its like the developers of these boards intentionally set out to make the most awful counter intuitive ui known to man.

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We are working to improve the UI. It is something to get used to for sure…but it isn’t ALL that bad.

tbh I showed my ui/ux developer (not here but the actual master demo) and they slated it so bad his conclusion was that the devs had played buzzword bing with web tech words and decided to try to use all of them at the expense of making a user friendly product.

hopefully you guys can sort the ui out and make it better though else i think i’ll just stick to the github issues threads if not i can’t bring myself to use this at the moment :frowning:

Other than the obvious registration issue, what issues are you having with the UI? I’d love to get a list put together so I can start working on those issues :slight_smile:

When I get chance I’ll go through and make a list with screenshots just got some actual work of my own to finish first 2 new devs starting on Monday and I have new desks to build for them :slight_smile:

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