New or returning players

I’ve met a few returning or new players over the last couple of days that don’t use the neocron classic discord or aren’t on the neocron survivors page. The majority of these players said they had difficulty finding a poker. If anyone returning or new players haven’t been told yet, the TRADESKILL GLOVE can be acquired for free from the CREEP NPC in MILITARY BASE next to the GR station. This will give you +200 to implant. Any new players, you will also need an implant tool that’s a high enough tech level to implant what you are wanting to use. The TL150 tool is a little out of reach if you are new to NC so instead, log an alt on a separate account and use the TL30 remote implant tool on your alt to start the process =)

If anyone knows the location of anything else that cannot be bought from the test vendors in plaza 1 then please add it below.



These vendors are gone, old info.