Picture of a Neocron 2D project of mine

I was working on a 2D tactical version of the game about two years ago. After a little work, I decided to halt the project.

The game play would be akin to either the old Shadowrun game on the SNES or the turn based Shadowrun games that have been on a Steam for a few years now.

Would there be any interest among this small community if I were to start this project back up again?

Right click and open each image in a new tab/window for a closer view.

Very nice. :smiley:
Have you considered reusing/adapting the G3D renderer and simply (“simply” :smile: ) rendering Neocron maps in an isometric view, so you don’t have to redesign every map there is?

No sir, because everything you said is foreign to me. :slight_smile:

I just take in game screen shots, then impose the picture onto a cube in Photoshop, then create the levels in Spriter.

I was thinking of getting a few programmers and making a isometric Neocron game.

Wouldn’t that be nice for people to see if Neocron ever goes on steam? A mini promotional game to lure people into the world? Doesn’t even have to be a full game, just pick one of two characters and fight your way through a sewer or something.

Sorry for the very late reply - new year, same old problems :sweat:

So that’s roughly what I meant: https://imgur.com/a/FrlI1QX (apparently I can post neither images nor plain links, lovely)
In this case one of the Pepper Park sewers. It’s missing the decorative stuff (barrels, cobwebs, …) and the proper mood lighting, but basically remove the ceiling from NC maps and render them in isometric view.

How were you able to view the sewers like that?

I wrote a custom little mapviewer: the files are basically 100% GBSP(Genesis3D) format, which is pretty simple and open source

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Check your PMs

twenty characters

I mean that would be a lot of work for such a small community :slight_smile: But that being said everyone involved with NC does a lot of work for a small community. Personally I would have slight interest as I don’t normally play games like this. But its more NC content so I may be swayed. As you said that would be cool to bring new souls into the NC sphere. However it goes I wish you luck.