Picture of a Neocron 2D project of mine

I was working on a 2D tactical version of the game about two years ago. After a little work, I decided to halt the project.

The game play would be akin to either the old Shadowrun game on the SNES or the turn based Shadowrun games that have been on a Steam for a few years now.

Would there be any interest among this small community if I were to start this project back up again?

Right click and open each image in a new tab/window for a closer view.

Very nice. :smiley:
Have you considered reusing/adapting the G3D renderer and simply (“simply” :smile: ) rendering Neocron maps in an isometric view, so you don’t have to redesign every map there is?

No sir, because everything you said is foreign to me. :slight_smile:

I just take in game screen shots, then impose the picture onto a cube in Photoshop, then create the levels in Spriter.

I was thinking of getting a few programmers and making a isometric Neocron game.

Wouldn’t that be nice for people to see if Neocron ever goes on steam? A mini promotional game to lure people into the world? Doesn’t even have to be a full game, just pick one of two characters and fight your way through a sewer or something.