QOL - Stackable Missions & Subinventory

Hi there!

umm what do you think about:

  • stackable missions.
  • a subinventory feature, create folders to sort your stuff in the inventory.

Well these are just little ideas…


You mean, having more than one mission going at a time? Like a mission list? Fuck yeah.

That would be a nightmare with the current RPOS system. I do like the idea though, lets put a pin in that for now.

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This is somewhat related: I’m sure I’m not the only one that would want to leave items they use regularly like an implant tool or armor setups near the top of their bank for quick access. Unfortunately, when you pull the items out then replace them when you return later it just throws everything at the end of the list.

If possible, make it so you can click and drag items placed within the goguardian already, so when you highlight an already occupied square you can let go then the items swap locations.

Definitely this!
Another suggestion I’d throw in is a system where you simply flag items you don’t want to sell so that it won’t list when you’re pawning everything at Yo’s, I can’t even begin to tell you how many things I accidentally sold from the menu shifting around at the last second.

This might have been already implemented alongside the DROP ALL button, but I was hoping there’d be a copy of the Evo team’s SHIFT+Drag command that drops everything in the stack. Very good QOL when dragging Junk into the Processor for Recycling (and out of your inventory).

Again, I apologize if it’s in there, and I’m just not using the correct key combinations.

That was mentioned in another forum post.

Can you guys make seperate posts for each idea? Otherwise they’ll get lost in all of the clutter.

Please use clear titles, too! “QOL ideas” isn’t very clear.


Got it :slight_smile: Gonne be done on next QQL Idea.