Quality of Life Changes/Additions

May have been expressed before, but new forums…

  1. Have stacks of items move on drag, instead of prompting for quantity. Then, add shift-drag to specify how much of the stack to move.
    As an addon to this - shift left click to move to the opposite inventory. Shift right click to prompt quantity to move

(Maybe what’s already planned from the megathread)

  1. Double the height of the ‘Drop all’ and ‘Loot all’ buttons

  2. Remove auto-sort from storage containers

  3. May be engine limited - Remove mouse-smoothing or whatever its called. While mouse responsiveness is adequate, true movement would be great

Stacked Inventory

I would agree on the inventory movement, but I would reverse it to where Shift + DRAG would move the entire stack without prompting for a quanity. This is because new runners not familiar with the change may only want to move a certain amount between inventory, GoGuardian, etc and that may just aggrivate them.

Mouse Smoothing

We did a fix sometime ago with the mouse smoothing due to a Windows 10 patch that broke something with the mouse movement. I don’t remember all of the details.

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No, we fixed the mouse not working at all in Windows 10 after an update.

  • function to find all bound apartments and vehicles to a char would be nice (or generating new keys for bound stuff?) :laughing:
  • storage improvement especially for tech parts necessary. Including sort function and ingame database (pivot table). Huge cabinets for “all tech parts”
  • ingame wiki with database for all items and functions
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Instead of having a mega thread for QOL can you guys split this up into multiple threads so they can be voted on and implemented as we have time?

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I like the way that Neocron Evolution handled stack movement. Shift + Drag moved the whole stack without a prompt while Ctrl + Drag moved a single item from the stack without a prompt.

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