Soooo... any news?

any news?

@Bonse people are still playing :smile: few of us are in a facebook group called neocron survivors and we also use nc classic discord aswell as one for the regulators back from nc1 Uranus and nc2 terra. it will be ready eventually. I managed playing lastnight with no FRE or SYNC bugs. just the common logout when spending too long in a zone. its much better than it used to be and the zone changes are great. especially MB. I was hoping and this is @Lykos that if we all chipped some money in we could probably sub some of the coding work out but im not sure how much that would cost or how we could go about doing it.

Yes, the mega thread will be updated soon. Long story short, Wizard has stepped away from the project. He will always have a place on the team but he is no longer developing. We have one guy doing code refactoring to help fix inconsistency and possibly fix some stability issues. Therenall is working on the project when he can split his time, Zodiac is buried in work ever since COVID hit, and I’m just sitting here working on what I can.

We have been asking for anybody with coding experience to step forward, however they either decide that the project is too much for them, they don’t want to sign an NDA, or they want us to send them all the source without verifying any type of background… On a closed source project such as this we cannot simply hand out the code.

That is where we are at, no ETA for release. We have a list of things we need to complete before release and we are making good progress on that but it will take time.

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