Suggestion - Hacker Content

Neocron was one of my favorite games in the past, and when Neocron 2 first released I was extremely happy with the HackNet feature they introduced.

I’m not sure how significant of an undertaking it would be using the code that you have, but something similar to that would be really nice to see.

Other than HackNet another QoL change that I would love would be the introduction of an option to “Force a Lock” when your Hacking skill reaches a threshold well above the initial recommended value, so you can skip the 30 second mini-game.

I believe that is already something that can be sort of accomplished by running the other side out of dots to use…however yes I agree the hack games need improvement.

We have no plans to bring hacknet back. Hacking will be a secondary skill for sure. We will see about introducing more things that hackers can do and make them a bit more useful, but we won’t be adding hacknet.

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