"What have you idiots been doing?"

Great question! So the End of Life of Windows 7 is just around the corner. January 14th 2020 it will be officially EOL and require upgrading. We will no longer support Windows 7 in any way shape or form. Update.

NEXT! We are currently working on stabilizing the game server. Right now we have some random crashes and other odd issues. We are looking at improving stability overall and creating a nice solid base to start working off again.

We have been approaching everything with a quick patch here, a quick QOL upgrade over there, and other bandaid fixes. We’re taking the gloves off, stabilizing what we have without adding new crap, and then moving forward again. If we have to add new crap, it will be to stabilize what we have because the current just won’t work.

But Lykos! What about Linux support? Can I use Wine? Wut?

Right now your best bet is installing NC using a virtual machine. You can play it via Wine but the launcher does not work in Wine for some special reason.

Changes a comin, we’re still a workin. Yeehaw, back to my wagon.


This is great and all, but honestly, do you think it’ll ever actually come together?

It’s been years and what front end work has actually been achieved?

Not having a dig.

Sure, if we ever get somebody to work on the game more than a week without completely ghosting us. We’ve had multiple developers apply, see what has to be done and just never come back. We finally have somebody who is here working on it along side Therenall and myself.

Things are moving forward again and in all honesty we’ve quit waiting on Wizards netcode. Another team member is implementing a new netcode right now that will ease the transition and provide immediate results. Wizard has been gone for months now and we don’t know when or if he will ever return. It has kind of reached a point that we need to move forward without his improvements and make our own with the team members that are left. We have no ETA on this but it is much smaller scope than what Wizard was working on, and will require a less massive rewrite.


  1. New launcher system & patching method
  2. New Anti-Cheat measures
  3. Encrypted resources to prevent def hacking
  4. Improvements to rendering engine & introduction of 4k textures
  5. A slew of content bugs smashed
  6. Proper resists & readout in the armor window to KNOW what your resists are going to be for sure, not just guessed upon with a vague 3rd party app
  7. Full 64bit support

That is just a short list of things I can remember, we’ve also completely redesigned the database access on the server side to prevent SQL Injections, and lots of other security things. New logging, etc. We’re bringing the game into 2019 from 2004, it is a massive project and a lot of things we’re fixing that the C++ committee would absolutely vomit over.

Could there be more done? Yeah. But without people to work on the game with the proper background and know how, its up to just a couple of us who have a real love for this game.

I halfway believe you. The most demoralizing thing we hear is “Have you even fucking done anything?” or “What are you guys doing? Playing WoW? HHRHRHRH” or “Let somebody else do it who has more time and resources”

I’ve answered the Have we done anything, we aren’t playing WoW, and if somebody has more time and resources please do apply so we can put you to work right away. We need people with a strong C and C++ background. We do NOT need content developers or GMs. WE NEED SOURCE DEVELOPERS.

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Hey all.

I had no idea an NC1 client was a thing, let alone playable. Found out on the other forum and signed up.

I never realized how different NC1 looks from 2.3. I hopped on 2.3 after in Plaza to compare and the difference is immediately noticeable. I wish more people still played NC1, similar to how people still play OSRS and EQ1. :frowning:

very good news :slight_smile: btw @Lykos which Server you playing wow ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dentarg, US. Alliance now, was Horde but the guild I was in all fucked off to WoW Classic for a long time and I got tired of playing alone. Now I don’t play any WoW. Waiting for next expansion to drop. Pretty much sitting around playing RDR2, testing the latest changes to the NC Server and playing some FFXIV on Malboro.

We’re currently waiting on a big project on the NC side to be finished, and then going to get back into content to create a brand new “New Runner Experience”

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You guys think you’ll ever throw this up on Steam or something like that?

That is the plan once we’re out of Beta.


This is what pretty much everyone wanted to hear.

Thanks for taking the time to write this up.

“Things are moving forward again and in all honesty we’ve quit waiting on Wizards netcode. Another team member is implementing a new netcode right now that will ease the transition and provide immediate results.”

The above quote is quite simply the best thing i could have read in that whole thing.

I was being sincere when i said i’m not having a dig, if i was to have a dig, i would have. It simply doesnt affect me as much now if you ever get this running properly; so i don’t feel tied to it; hence not digging you out. (Don’t get me wrong, i stand by the statement of NC was the best game i’ve ever and will ever play, and if it is fixed i’ll 100% be back!)

Regarding if you’re playing wow or not, again, i don’t care what you play and i fully understand none of the devs can put endless hours in to this as you have jobs and family lives to lead.

I also get that it’s been slow because of lack of devs, and you’ve (rightly) prioritised developing tools over fixing the game directly.

I thank you for your efforts and look forward to reading MORE in depth posts like this one that actually tell us something.


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To clarify on the quote real quick, if Wizard returns we can implement his improvements into the code base easier actually, while still getting immediate results from the change in netcode. His work isn’t wasted, it will just no longer be a road block.

Oh ok. So Wizards reworks have been tested and can be implemented? IF wizard was to come back tomorrow, what sort of ETA would you have on wanting us to test it?

Wizards reworks have not been tested, because they must be implemented to be tested. There is no saying if Wizard will ever come back. There is no ETA on testing when we have no idea if he will ever return.

What I said, is that we are no longer waiting on Wizard. He is the only one with that code by the way, so we don’t even have a copy of it. We are moving forward with another implementation by somebody else on the team and currently active, and who will be providing us the code they write in case they decide to go AWOL too, but I don’t see that happening.

We have no ETA for public testing yet. We will have an ETA once we are testing in private.

Any news dude?

I downloaded NCE again loaded it, 6 people online - sod that! :frowning:

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Holidays are happening, lots of us are spending time with family. We are in our holiday pause. Zodiac will be resuming work at his leisure when he is done with holiday and first of the year work stuff.

Go relax <3 we’ll be back at it soon.

I would like to give it a try …

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Well holy shit…PM me.

What a time to be working on your own project eh lads?! How’s it coming along?

Oh you know, not. :smiley: